Ranking on Google is your first priority to start any online business

HomeRanking on Google is your first priority to start any online business

If you have business online or you are trying to start new business, your first priority should be ranking on google. My task is to make your business familiar with Google. And Google will make your business familiar with the world.  I will list out some basic task that you need to perform for your business.  whether a business can be new are you have already on Google but you are not getting respected customers. This task you can do yourself or you can ask me to do.  I have enough resources to accomplish this work.  so maybe I can be faster than you.  

  1. Buy 15 paid blogs from a good web hosting service.
  2. Create 50 free blogs from various free blog service like Blogspot, WordPress.
  3. Write five articles for each of the paid blogs. These articles will point other blogs with your keywords.
  4. You can spin does article with you have written for your paid blogs and post them to your free blogs.  Each blog will point the other blog with keywords.
  5. Create backlinks to other related blogs.

organic seo plan

This can be a long term solution for your business.  benefiting from Google is better than any other things online.  if you are looking to build your business on Amazon eBay Walmart you can do the same thing.  because those marketplaces get their customer from Google. Definitely they will rank your product high if they get new customers from your product.


See if you need any help with this business you can contact me anytime I have marketing plan for you which can be used. I will show you step by step process what I am doing I have good writers and enough tools to make this business success.
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