Amazon SEO isn’t a cost but an investment for huge profit!

HomeAmazon SEO isn’t a cost but an investment for huge profit!

Amazon business could be very successful business for you if you can give your product some ranks. But many merchants don’t know about Amazon keyword ranking. If your product at the top of Amazon page, your sales are hundred times more.

We provide keyword ranking service to rank your product to different position on Amazon first page.

  • First page position $300-$350 (Prices are veering according to keyword competition )
  • Top 10 on first page $350-$450
  • Top 5 on first page $450-$600

Amazon SEO investment and profit calculation

Any of these above packages can be your investment to earn huge profit from a single product. For example, if you  take our first package for $300 and your product price is $50. Then you can increase your product price from $50 to $55 for two days. You will get thousands sales for sure if your product get the top position and you only need your first 60 sales to recover your Amazon SEO investment.

This is why many largest companies in the world take their advertisement cost as their investment. Because, with these advertisements, they increase their sales.

We know Amazon SEO secret

Many merchants don’t know about Amazon ranking secret. Our hard work can give your product top position for at least 10 days. Of course we will be able to stick your product there for more time if you want.   We are updated about Amazon search factors and are doing these tasks very comfortably. Contact with as soon as you can so we can help you to make huge profit very quickly. We trust on what we can do today and we never know what is going to happen after one month. Let’s start to earn some instant profit.