How to create and submit sitemap of your website properly

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Submitting sitemap is important for every website. Sitemap contains everything links for a website. There will be a page with all links.
To create sitemap go to your WordPress Dashboard and under the plugins section click ‘Add new’ And search for ‘Yoast SEO’.  Then install the plugin.     submit-sitemap-to-google
Now go to the left site panel and click on ‘SEO’ then choose Feature.

Make sure you have enabled the Feature of ‘XML Sitemap’ under feature menu.

Now write your website name / sitemap_index.xml then you will be able to see your site map.



So, now you have successfully created your sitemap. Now  its time to submit it to Google Search Console.

Now a popup box will come, put your website name there and click on ‘Add’

Here you will see various methods to add the verification code to your website. But i will show the simplest method to do this quickly. Click on ‘Alternative methods’ and select ‘HTML Tag’. Now copy all code and go to your WordPress Yoast Seo. Now click on ‘General’ and then ‘Webmaster Tools’. And then in the Google Verification box past your copied codes and click on Save Changes. Now come back to Google Search Console and click on Verify.


If you did everything correctly you will see the confirmation message like the image below:


Now verification is done and its time to submit the sitemap.

Copy your sitemap link like the image bellow. Go back to Google Search Console and click on the respective website you want to set sitemap for. Then Click on Crawl>Sitemap
On the right hand side your will see the a red button called ‘ADD/TEST SITEMAP’ When you click on it a box will appear. Don’t past the entire link that you copied before. Remove everything before the ‘/’ then click on Submit. Also flipcute is good website building service.



So, your sitemap is successfully submitted now. If you need any help or you need to submit the sitemap for you just contact me. I will try to response as soon as possible.

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