How to choose Perfect Branded Etsy shop Name to Increase Visibility

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Choosing perfect shop name will increase your brand visibility on Etsy. There are some very easy steps to select a Perfect Branded Etsy shop.

Perfect Branded Etsy shop

For your ETSY shop name, try to do something broad that can include selling many products.

  • Think “Target”
  • A generic company name that can be an umbrella for selling a variety of items!
  • You can only change your ETSY shop name once, and you have to make a special request so get it right the first time!

The ETSY shop name is one of the first things that will be crawled by Google and other search engines, so it is a smart idea to insert highly searched keywords into your brand name.

  • Ex: if you are selling custom baby outfits and plan to add several other baby items soon, try to include the keyword “BABY” into your ETSY shop name.
  • Today we will go into further detail on how to use Google’s free “Keyword Tool Planner’ in the next section to find the quality keyword to use in your ETSY shop name, product title and product descriptions.

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