How Can Vendors Picking Up Their Amazon Product Ranking Cost?

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Amazon SEO is not a cost but an investment for the Amazon’s seller like advertisement cost. Generally when customers search on Amazon to buy any product,then they buy those product which products stay at 1st or 2nd page .When a product stay on Amazon 1st page,Customers can find easily and purchased the products. Sellers can sell lot of products within 3-6 days.

Picking Up Amazon Product Ranking cost:

Suppose, a seller have fixed one of his products $50. If seller has to spend $500 for Amazon Keyword Ranking .He should increase only $1-$2 of per product for picking up keyword ranking cost. So $50+$2(ranking cost)=$52 . So seller has to fix new selling price $52 . If the product will sell minimum 250 pics so he can pick up easily product ranking cost. So Seller hasn’t to spend extra cost for ranking keyword.

What is the Keyword on Amazon:

There are many sellers who sell same products on Amazon like ‘Bluetooth headphone’. There are many companies  who also sell ‘Bluetooth headphone’. Customers search actually product name don’t search company name . But how  can find customers stated seller or company’s Bluetooth headphone. Customers find those ‘Bluetooth headphone’ on Amazon top pages which company rank up their product code according to keyword(Bluetooth headphone).