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We know after Amazon A10 update it’s became very difficult to rank product top page mostly on top positions like top 5. I heard to many Merchants say that ” I’ve spend huge money and time on SEO but didn’t get my product on 1st page”. Spending money and valuable time on Amazon SEO and doesn’t getting expecting result is a common matter now.

Today we will discuss about some facts why your keyword doesn’t get ranking and doesn’t boasting or you’re not getting your product on expecting position on 1st page.

First of all Amazon SEO workers from country Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Philippines are using old traditional method like Purchase, Wish list, Reviews unsafe way (I’ll describe about SA safety later).

Now Amazon is very strict about Reviews and Purchases. Those account which charged minimum $50 by a debit card or credit card only can submit reviews. That mean discount reviews are not allow this time. More over Amazon delete fake reviews initially and that is not good for your account.

Purchases is most effective method for ranking up and boost sales. If Amazon get any hint that you are making fake purchase from both FBM or FBA surly your seller central will be penalized permanently.

This time only Wish List isn’t working well to rank a product. But it’s a good news that even A10 update other SEO tricks like Shopping List, Gift List, Gift Idea, Weeding Registry, Add to cart, Add to cart (as gift), Sponsored Add Customers Impression, Vote, Ranking are working well better then yet and rank 1st page top position effectively. So you will need to do those with Wish List.

Before hiring Amazon ranker as a seller account holder you must know that Amazon always tracks your product customers. They keep on eye over the SEO and purchases, is that selling to a genuine customer or unfair SEO work providing by someone. If they get any clue make sure you are going to get penalize your SA. So before start to work make sure that freelancer is well known about latest updates. Have well knowledge about how Amazon track the customer identity like operating system ID, Mac ID, PC physical ID, Importance about user account and how escape that. Strong conscious about proxy and tracking malware, how amazon get information from browser & find out browsing Cashed and caught fake purchase or impression. How to provide SEO work like a genuine customer shopping form Amazon and behaving as a ideal customer according to the Rule and Regulation. If the freelancer make any mistakes of those, surely your SA gets in danger.

Contact with me for 100% safe work. This time I will take little bit more time than earlier. I will take 45 days instead of 30 days to make sure our work is accurate and safe.

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