Building an integrated online marketing plan

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An integrated approach

  • Specialties and responsibilities are blurred
  • New social media channels
  • Fewer resources, more demands
  • Social media, SEO, PPC, email, & analytics
  • Your customers don’t care about title.
  • Is your message integrated across all channels?
  • Consistency
  • Clarity

A quick assessment

  • How much of your day is spent reacting
  • How much of your day is spent executing?
  • How much of your marketing is dictated by a clear plan?
  • Is the use of social media still a mystery?

So, we will talk about:

  • Create a consistent marketing message
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of marketing channels
  • Develop a plan that utilizes your strength and the strengths of appropriate channel
  • Develop clear measurement about how success look like about marketing for your company.

Reality check

  • How many marketers “love” social media?
  • Does it make your life more difficult?
  • Are you tired of the “experts”?
  • Do you have really have to do all of this stuff.

Social media not for marketers

  • It’s older than the modern internet
  • People with similar interests come together
  • Share information, stories, and hobbies
  • It’s a gated community, not a bazzar.


  • Avoid those experts who don’t know your business
  • …….anyone telling you that you have to ……….
  • …….. the “shiny Object syndrome”
  • Stop feeling guilty

Building an online marketing plan: Asses your resources

The goal

  • What do I want to accomplish?
    • Sales, revenue
    • Subscriptions/leads
    • New customers
    • Subscriptions / leads


  • Time
    • Do you have time for monitoring?
    • Do you have time for follow-up?
    • What is your sales cycle
    • What is your information cycle?
    • Do customers require immediate action?
  • Money
    • Is outsourcing the answer?
    • Can another agency provide the time and experts?
    • How will you mange and measure success?
  • People
    • What are the specialties / skills available?
      • Wring?
      • Video production?
      • Audio?
      • Research?
      • Interaction?
      • Sales?
    • Technology
      • How easy is it to create technical products?
        • Calculators?
        • Info graphics?
        • Video?
        • Apps?
        • Interactivity?
      • Information
        • What content is already available?
        • What can be repurposed?
        • Articles, research, white papers, trends, analysis

Integrated resources

  • SEO
  • Content development
  • Social Media
  • Analytics
  • Email
  • Business development

Resource assessment

  • Which channel provides the best return?
  • Why?
  • Which channel is most profitable?
  • Why?

Building an integrated online marketing Plan: Channel assessment

The goal

What do you want to accomplish?

  • Sales, revenue
  • Subscriptions /leads
  • New customers
  • Subscription / leads

Channel resources

  • Seo
  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Display ads
  • Email
  • Pay per click
  • Shopping feeds
  • Local listing
  • Direct acess / book marks
  • Catalog
  • Links

ppc details

Channel assessment

  • Which channel provides the most new customers?
    • How?
  • Which channel provides the most return visitors?
    • Why?
  • How do you / how often do you communicate to existing customers?
    • What is the response?
  • Which of your activities is most profitable?
  • Which of your activities take the most of your time?
  • Where do you want to spend more time?
  • Find what is profitable first, then prioritize.

Building an integrated online marketing plan: The 4 steps

  • Narrative
    • Who are you?
  • Medium (Which Medium enable you to communicate)
    • What is the best platform for your message?
  • Interaction (it will enable better understand your business
    • The medium determines the type of interactions
  • Planning
    • Your publishing & content marketing schedule

4 parts to a successful strategy

Take time to plan

  • Proactive with plan
  • Reactive to events

Know that works

  • Easier to react with facts
  • Emotional responses create more work


What is a Narrative?

Remember our 4 steps were:

  • Narrative
  • Medium
  • Interaction
  • Planning

Take a lie and market it as a Truth

  • A story
  • Stories provide a framework for experiences
  • The brand narrative is reflection of the total customer path.

Develop your narrative

  • What is your unique message?
  • What distinguishes your approach to the market?
  • How are you different
  • Elevator pitch: There sentences or less
    • What, what ,why
  • One sentence: “Just the facts”
  • Internet sentence: Your value in 8 words or less.
  • 8 words or less
  • “know thyself”
  • Does your adverting reflect this message?
  • Does your organizational communication reflect this message?

What is a Medium?

  • A channel of communication
  • People interpret message differently
  • The medium influences the message received

Choose your primary medium

  • What resources do you have?
  • How your message is best communicated?
  • Which reaches your audience most effectively?

Mixing Media Causes Confusion

  • Mixing twitter, Facebook and Linkedin
    • #hashtag
    • @user
    • RT
    • Character limits
  • Who is each medium best at reaching?
  • Announcing purchases on Facebook?
    • Is this normal human behavior?
    • Is this conversation?
  • People respond to genuine conversation
  • “Like us on Facebook”
    • Do people “like” businesses they don’t’ know?
    • Is this the best for B2B businesses?

Develop your medium

  • Treat media differently
  • Message have to be unique to the medium
  • Messages have to be unique to the audience.

Evaluate the media

  • First tier: Blogs, email, search, video
    • Highest level of ownership & control
    • Direct influence – republish able
  • Second tier: facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.
    • Low level of ownership and control
    • Secondary influence – push to content
  • Third tier: pinterest, instagram, flickr


The medium of search

  • Push marketing g
  • Pull marketing (inbound marketing)

internet marketing plan

Why search?

  • Predictable ROI (Return on investment)
  • Cost – effective
  • Increasingly integrated
  • Local search emphasis
  • New features

The Medium of Email

  • Email usage increased by 28%
  • Dominant mobile activity at 41%

internet marketing plan

The First Touch

  • 58% check email
  • 20% go to a portal or search engine
  • 11% go to Facebook

What do people prefer?

  • 93% email subscribers
  • 38% facebook fans
  • 5% twitter followers

internet marketing plan

Why email?

  • #1 for retention and loyalty marketing
  • Expectation
  • Order, confirmations, shipping
  • Can be triggered
  • Can be predictive

The Medium of Blogs

  • Ownership
    • You control content
    • You control layout
    • You control calls to action
    • You own the data
    • You own the subscribers and their data
  • Increase search visibility
  • Build long-tail content
  • Build community
  • Effective market education
  • Communicate high-trust content
  • Effective at building lists and conversions

The medium of video


  • See it to believe it
  • Highly visual
  • Portable reach
  • 500 years of youtube video are watched everyday on facebook.
  • Extend reach
  • Influences search rankings


  1. Connection
  2. Self-expression
  3. Entertainment

70% facebook people don’t like marketing from the brand they are fan of.

Facebook Marking

  • Conversation
  • Sharing
  • Social interaction
  • Reach targeted consumer segments
  • Stories


  • Access to celebrities
  • Access to news
  • Access to bands

Why follow brands

  • Give feedback
  • Provide ideas
  • Insider information
  • Freebies & discounts

Power of twitter

  • Strength is in immediacy
  • 2-part transmission:
    • Sender
    • Receiver
      • User follower
      • Hashtag follower
      • Twitter is turned on and being followed
    • Immediacy
    • Time-sensitive information
    • Utilize follower networks (retweets)
    • Early adopter contact
    • Promotions
    • Fast word of mouth

Discussion forums

  • At least 35% of online users post to forums
  • Sources of valued and search information
  • Lurkers
  • Expert status
  • Can assist search engine visibility
  • Play by the rules!


  • 161 million members, over 200 contries
  • 2 billion searches in 2011
  • 22% of members access by mobile
  • Most affluent member ship

When to use linkedIn

  • Primarily business to business
  • Highly targeted
  • Develop segmented networks
  • Targerts: title, region, company, and experience
  • Engage in relevant communication
    • Groups
    • Discussions
  • Integrate
    • PowerPoints
    • Videos
    • Schedule
    • Blog


  • Highly visual /organizational
  • Create ida lists
  • Republish able reach
  • Discover motivations and niche networks
  • Extend reach
  • Develop for other to use

Change Proof your marketing

  • Strategy cocused
    • Narrative
    • Message
    • Audience
  • Tactic focused
    • Tools
    • Media
    • Social networks

Focus on strategy

  • Reliable brand narrative
  • Consistent message
    • Focused on delivering content, not on the individual channel
    • Tools will change, message with not
    • Speak to your audience, where they are
  • Tactics follow strategy
    • Tactics are the result of a planned stragegy
    • Tactics are executed
    • Tactics are measured
    • Tactics are supporting elements
    • Tactic are not independent campaigns
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