Facebook Marketing A-Z Step By Step Details

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Facebook ‘s  4 steps to business success

  • Build your Facebook page
  • Connect to people with ads
  • Engage your audience with quality content
  • Influence the friends of your fans

Good thing with facebook that we can target specific audience.

  • Location
  • Demographics (age, gender, and more)
  • Interest (activities, hobbies, and more)
  • What they buy online and offline
  • What facebook page they like
  • And many other categories.

In this book you will learn how to find and advertise to your audience on facebook with accuracy and affordability.

Also I will help you to create your first 500th facebook ad! You will learn tips for writing celarn ads and choosing the best photos.

Learn the details of ad performance

  • Understand how to evaluate your Facebook ads and find out your ROMI (Return on marketing investment) using Facebook.
  • Also I will help you to make your ads better based on how people respond, engage and convert based your ads.

Facebook Ads budget

  • There are a lot of people on Facebook and other advertisers want to reach the same people you do.
  • When you run an ad you are taking part in an AD Auction
  • You will choose a budget for your ad which is the total amount you want to spend. Then you will choose a bid – the amount you are willing to pay to have customers see your ad and click it.
  • First, set daily or lifetime budget for ads.
  • If you want to pay specific amount per day, like $5, just choose “per day” in the budget option and enter your budget amount. Facebook will never charge you more than the at amount each day your ad runs (your daily budget resets at midnight everyday).
  • You can also set a lifetime budget for your ad. Facebook will run your ad continuously until your budget amount is reached or your ad end date arrives.
  • With optimized bidding, facebook automatically bids for you while staying within your chosen budget.
  • You can choose your own bid price and facebook will suggest a big range based on the audience you want to reach as well.
  • You are billed when the total cost of your ads hit a specific dollar threshold (if you have a new account this may be $25 to $500).
  • If you don’t hit the threshold, you are billed at the end of the month.
  • You can find your final detailed bill in the BILLING section of ads Manager.


Create and optimized page

  • Facebook pages are for businesses, brand and organizations to share their stories and connect with people
  • You Facebook page give your business a voice on Facebook. Having a page helps you build your reputation, reach new customers and stay connected. You can instantly get feedback from your customers!!
  • Customize pages by posting stories, hosting events, adding apps, polling you’re following and more!
  • People who like you page (and friends of people who like your page) can get your page updates in their news feed.


Creating Facebook age tips:

Create at least 10 posts to promote the page.

Schedule post is important.

Choosing good keyword using Google adwords:

How to use keywords in your facebook page description:

  • Use these new found keywords from Google Keyword Planner to “spinkle” into your Facebook page description. When I say spinkle I mean don’t literally pasts 15 keywords in a row. Make the 156 character description make sense while including 3-4 relevant keywords!
  • Your Facebook page ABOUT description is actually your Google search “meta description”. So when people search for keywords similar to your service / product / bran, they will be more likely to find you until your brand name have the most relevance.
  • Continue to use keywords in Facebook posts as they get crawled and appear in Google and Faceboook searches too!

Optimize Your Facebook Page Images:

To avoid getting your images cropped, edit them beforehand to be the perfect size!

  • Newsfeed / Post Image Size = 470 pixels whide X 394 pixels tall
    This is ultimately scales down to the aspect ratio of 235×197
  • Profile image size = 180×180 pixels (note: display at 160×160)
    I like to stick with your logo on a while background
  • Header Cover Image size = 851 px wide X 315 px tall
    Remember your profile image will cover the lower left corner of the Cover Image.

Example of a good Facebook image

example of facebook image

Tip: Screenshot a current Facebook page you like and customize it with a call-to-action arrow that points to a Facebook Like button or Show button.  (Above example has a coupon code point to Show Now button)

How and what apps to install on your Facebook Page

Look the below image to see some Apps on Facebook Page:

 apps on facebook page

How to manage Apps

  • Click setting, click apps
  • Click on the pencil icon in the apps widget. Here you can manage the apps you want display in this widget and in the top timeline navigation bar.

The Best Apps

Depending on your business, product or service, there are hundreds of apps you can use integrate into your Facebook page. Here are some of the best apps:

  • Iconosquare – this app connects you instagram feed with your facebook page. It’s a great way to promote yoru instagram account to your facebook community, and to bring more visual content to your Facebook Page.
  • MailChimp – if you have a MailChimp account, you can connect it to your Facebook Page to create an opt-in form for your newsletter or contents etc. Right on your facebook page!
  • Pinterest – This app connects your pinterest account to Facebook so that your fans can view all your boards and pins.
  • YouTube – This app integrate your Youtube account with your Facebook Page, so your facebook fans can view your brand videos without ever leaving with page.
  • Ecwid – This app lets you add a shopping cart to your Facebook Page, giving your fans the option to purchase your products right there!
  • Ripe Social – This app offers multiple apps that increase brand awareness, promote client integaction, drive website traffic, cultivate repeat business, generate sales leads and ignite viral marketing.
    Some other would be very helpful: Heyo, Post Planner, ShortStack, NtetworkedBlogs, SelecrMe, Fan of the Week, LiveChat, OpenTable, SurvyMonky, Pagelever

Optimize Facebook Page settings

facebook setting page

First and more most, insure you have everything filled out on your Facebook Page. This includes:

facebook page

  • About Section
  • Business address and phone (Google factor wth in search ranking for “Location” business)
  • Correct page category
  • Visibility, etc. , etc

Claiming your Facebook URL

Once you have 25 fans / page likes, you can change your current (Long number ) Facebook URL to your own custom business name.

You can edit here:

add facebook user name

Note: You can only change this once and you have to request permission from Facebook so choose wisely!

Top 5 SEO tips for your facebook page:

  • Clain your Facebook Vanity URL – You would be surprised how many clients I have worked with that have 1000+ Facebook Page like, but still haven’t claimed a vanity domain (e.g. faceboo.com/YourChosenNmae). URL’s are heavily weighted by search engines algorithms, so include your brand name and one keyword if possible when you claim your Facebook Page URL
  • Choose the best name for your Facebook fan page – this may sound like a no-brainer. However, ti’s the most basic step when it comes to optimizing your brand on Facebook. There I always the temptation to stuff your fan page name with tons of keyword, like “Bob’s Bokery – Muffins, Bangles, Kookies, Breads – catering & Events.” If you appear too spammy, your fans will be less likely to engage with you page. I fyou have some brand awareness and good product keyword, combine the two for you URL (e.g. /TOMSshoes)
  • Use keyword in strategic locations on your fan page – just like traditional websites, keyword optimization is the most fundamental from of on-site SEO. The most important pieces to pay attention to are the about section, Mission, and company description, since these areas are actually pulled from your fan page as SEO elements.
  • Backlink to your fan page on existing Channels – the more inbound like to your page, the more authoritative your page is according to Google, and you will be marked higher. So, where it is appropriate, include t link to your fan page from your other digital channels, like your website, blog, and twitter profile.
  • Optimize Facebook fan page status Updates – When you are posting updates to your Facebook wall; remember that the first 18 characters of a Facebook post serve as the Meta description. So, take advantage of the option when Facebook prompts you to “Write Something….” Since that text will be considered the most SEO title for that update. Including direct links to your small business website in your update is also a good practice to follow (Free backlink to your website when people hare the post.)

Create Ads:

Click on the down arrow of top left corner of you Fackbook page and then click on “Create Ads”.

Then choose the goal for your Facebook ad

create facebook page

Words in your ad are limited, so use words that are simple and let customers know what to do! I always apply the 3 MUST HAVE elements for advertisements:

  • Logo / Brand
  • Value Proposition
  • Call to Action

call to action

Above ad showing clear Logo, Value Proposition (Watch Anytime, Anywhere. Instantly), Call to action (1 MONTH FREE) button.

Choose Images And Where Your Ad Appears:

facebook ads

Before you choose your audience, you can add photos to your ad and choose to run it in News Feed on desktop and mobile or in the right-hand column on desktop.

Note: Advertising only on MOBILE make sense if you are advertising an app download or marketing a Facebook page what is targeting a demographic that is heavy mobile users    dd. 






Find similar audiences to target in Facebook Ads:

When you are creating ad, you have option there called “Interest”.

facebook interest

You can browser here to choose your specific audience.

Now, you might have some competitive Facebook Pages. For example you might be targeting audiences as like as www.facebook.com/revoleclothing.com

Now write on Facebook Search:


Also you can search by “Page liked by people who like [page]”

Now you can target all of these in your interest section:

Now, let’s create an ad:

Our objective is to send people to your website. Click on it and select a domain

You can target your audience specifically by location, Zip code, age, gender, language, interest, behaviors etc.

You can select multiple slider image ad or single image ad. Multiple image ad have problem with mobile devices to my favorite is to choice single Image ad. Then choose a Call to Action Button you need.


Tick to increase your Facebook Likes

In the location section you need to choose some cheap country where Facebook ad budget is really low. And keep “interest” same.

Create A Custom Audience

With custom audiences, you can reach customers you already know with ads on Facebook.

  • Just upload a list of contact info like email addresses or phone numbers. You can also use information from you website and app (such as Mailchimp or current Facebook page).
  • Facebook takes about 30 minutes to build the list and deliver your ad to these contacts (If they’re on Facebook).
  • Click the “Audiences” tab in left-hand column of your Ads Manager.
  • Then click the “Create Audience” button on the Audiences page.
  • Now you option to choose them from create audience section.
  • Here you can create custom audience from you email list, people who visited your website or specific web page and audiences from app activity.

create audience

Create lookalike audience on Facebook ads:

What lookalike audience does is to target audience you already care about.

The Best lookalike hack ever:

Go to ad manager > Conversion tracking and then in action on the right hand site, Go to “Action” button and then select create lookalike audiences from dropdown. This is the biggest hack, facebook is not telling you about.

facebook conversion tracking

How to steal Fans from your competitor:

When you are creating ad, you can put your competitor page name in the interest section and also other similar name.  Now you have 2200000 people laser focused.

facebook pixel

How to create a conversion pixel on Facebook:

When you run and a ad to get people to your website, you can find out if it was successful in helping visitors make a purchase, email opt-in, or some other action via Conversion Pixels!

  • You can track action with a Conversion pixel a snippet of code that you install on the website you want visitors to go to (this is done by simply pasting your unique pixel code into your websites HTML).
  • When visitors arrive on that page, the conversion pixel tells Facebook about the action, and you get reports on how many people took action on your website based on your Facebook ad.

Let’s create s conversion pixel:

conversion pixel

So what is this pixel is:

name pixel name

For example you want to count people who purchase something from you website. So you may want to track those people who visited your website “Thank You” page after purchase.

Select you choice and create that pixel. Now you can email it or view it. There are some pixel codes that you need to copy and paste into to header section of your specific webpage.


You want to track so many things view conversion pixel which will be helpful:

  • Newsletter
  • Purchase
  • Select any specific page

select competitor facebook page

So nice thing about conversion tracking is, you can promote this with Facebook ads.

promote facebook ads

Let’s talk the difference between different pixels.

  • Audience Pixel:
    facebook audience pixcel
    With this pixel, you are targeting everyone who visited your website. This is very effective because you can retarget them later:
  • Conversion tracking pixel:
    With this pixel you can target specific group of people who visited specific page
    people who visited other facebook page



  • Using the same tracking knowledge of Conversion Pixel part and custom audience part, you can harness the power of RETARGETING / REMARKETING ads!
  • You can install a “Custom Audiences Pixel” on your site that captures all your website traffic, or just certain pages, then you can run ads to reach those website visitors on Facebook.

What Is A Relevance Score?

“Relevance score is calculated based on the positive and negative feedback we expect ads to receive from its target audience. The more positive interactions we expect an ad to receive, the high the ads relevance score will be. (Positive dedicators vary depending on the ad’s objective, but may include video views conversion,.etc) The more times we expect people to hide or report an ad, the lower it’s score will be. ”  –Facebook

facebook relevance score

So what does this mean? It means that they are relying on user feedback to gauge whether your ads should receive impressions, click, and could even affect you account status with Facebook. If people hiding you from their newsfeed, your relevancy is bad, but if they are liking and sharing your post…. Your relevance score with increase!

Ads Reporting

In your Facebook ads manger, click the the button above your dashboard called “View Report”


The default “Full Report” is pretty broad.

I like to scroll down and this page and click the “Customize column” button. Here you have:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Leads
  • Cost per lead

With split testing and variation of ads, you can quickly find your best converting ads!

  • For example, if you know that your customers convert more on mobile, thane build a custom audience of people and reach them with strong call to action messaging on the advice they are likely to convert on!


  • Filters enable you to review past campaigns so you can pluck the best performing ad data to use in your new ad campaigns!
  • Further you can filter by Objective which is great for looking at one ad type, such as conversion, like or post engagement.

facebook ads filter


  • Columns are basically your old “Facebook Reports” integrated right into the Ads Manager homepage, but Facebook has added even for reporting options.
  • Performance focuses on results (objective based) and Cost Per Result. So if you created an ad with an objective of Website Clicks, that that would be under the new RESULTs column.

SMM = Social Media Marketing

  • SMM is key for SEO
  • SEO = Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (i.e. “organic”) search results.

facebook social media

Why Is Social Media Important?

  1. Increased Brand Recognition
  2. Improved Brand Loyalty
  3. More Opportunities to Convert
  4. Higher Conversion Rates
  5. Higher Brand Authority
  6. Increased Inbound Traffic
  7. Decreased Marketing Costs
  8. Better Search Engine Rankings
  9. Richer Customer Experiences
  10. Improved Customer Insights

What Content Should I Share

TEST what content gets likes, shares, comments for you! For some brands ti may be celeb images / news, some it may be funny news / viral videos. TESTING is key to see what your target market likes.


Note: include a link to your websites in every post you make. If someone share you meme, you link shard as well! I personally like to even brand all my memes, quotes etc content with my domain name right on the image!

What To Post

Keep it short: it’s all about brevity; posts with 80 characters or less receive 25% higher interaction than longer posts.

Use Photos: Posts that include photos receive interaction rate 39% Higher than average.

Call to actions still work: Telling fans how they should interact with help drive specific types of interaction. SHARE THIS!, LIKE THIS!, COMMENT XYZ….

  • When fans are asked to LIKE a post, there is a 3X higher like rate than when not asked to like.
  • When fans are asked to COMMENT on a post, there is a 3.3 higher comment rate than when they are not asked to comment.
  • When fans are asked to share a post, there share rate is 7X higher than those posts not asking fans to share.

Posting Rules

  • 70% of content should add value and build Brand recognition. EX: Your own meme / quote creation that will get viral shares. Relevant article creation.
  • 20% should be sharing OTHER people ideas, article, content, Youtube videso, Facebook posts, Retweets, etc. That is relevant to your brand.
  • 10% of your posts should be PROMOTIONAL. Including coupon / discount codes new item, etc.

Two Golden Rules of Content

  • Commit to posting as much as possible
    The best way to build and retain a following is to consistently post useful, interesting information. However, be mindful to not overdo it. Too many tweets or status updates can cause a follower to hide you or unfollow you altogether.
  • Engage with your followers
    it’s not enough to just push out social media content and move on. You are trying to build a community with your followers, so ask them questions and REPLY to their comments. The purpose is to build a relationship, not simply pummel theme with promotional talk.

The Power of Backlinks

  • Backlinks are like to your website posted on other people websites.
  • This of backlinks from another site pointing to yours as a meaningful vote of confidence! Other websites and users are talking about and sharing YOUR specific brand /website domain.
  • Google search takes backlinks into account as part of its search algorithm. The more high quality backlinks you have, the better chance of improving your SEO!

How to get backlinks

  1. Submit to Audio Sharing Sites – Create a little music on your computer and upload it to you profile on site like sutros.com and then claim your live DoFollow link.
  2. Donate to Charity – Some Charities display contributors and their link of choice for donating! Find charities that you like by searching “contributors page” or “sponsors page”.
  3. Blogger Reviews – If you have a product / service, give it away in exchange for a review and Backlinks! Find a blogger in your niche and contact them about reviewing your product if you gift them (ensure they will include your backlink).
  4. Testimonials – Do you love a product or service? Do you use MailChimp or AdRoll and love it! Well tell them! Send them a testimonial and include a link to your website you use their service for!
  5. Directories – Get your business listed on the best directory sites, such as business.com or manta.com, free directores include directory.t-tt.com, somuch.com, directoryworld.net, allthewebsites.org
  6. HARO – this backlink source is short of “Help a Reporter Out”. You can get a real reporter to write an article using your knowledge and they include a backlink in exchange.
  7. Copy Competition – Which competitor is ranked #1 or #2 in Google search? Search where they have backlinks via majestic.com or ahrefs.com the COPY!
  8. Other Website to Post for Backlinks – LinkedIn, Blogger, Digg, Fark, Foursquare, Reddit, Squiddo, Stumbeupon, Slashdot, Yelp, YouTube, Ezine, Scoop.it, Hubpagers, Dotpoch, Delecious, Mixx, RedGage, SocialMarker and BlogsThatFollow.

Social Media Management Tools

facebook media management tool

  • Using web apps like Everypost, Hootsuite, IFTTT or Buffer allow you to mange social media posting all in one place.
  • INSTAGRAM is also great place for post photos to multiple social media networks at once. It includes the option to post your instagram photo to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr on the “Share” button!


Facebook Engagement

Defined: Facebook engagement is one of five ways your fans engage with content:

  1. Like it
  2. Leave a comment
  3. Share it with others
  4. Watch it
  5. Click on a link

This is why a Call to Action is so important in your posts! What do you what your fans to do? Like it, Share it, Comment, tag, etc.

If they just view it, notta happens! TELL THEM

Engagement, Who Cares!?

The more people take action on one of your posts, the more your posts will show up in their newsfeed!

  • If you haven’t noticed yet, Facebook page organic reach is supper low!
  • Mark Zukerberg’s GOAL with facebook newsfeed is to create a “perfect personalized newspaper” for every user.
  • When you pots are “engaged” you become an “uptick” in the Facebook newsfeed algorithm!

What good is a Facebook Page NOW?

I hear this statement from clients all to often now the organic reach of Facebooks posts is so much lower.

  • Don’t let the naysayer bring you down! Facebook is still the most targeted method of marketing available to us today!
  • Use Facebook as a sales funnel. Give away useful and valuable content for free, which will create engagement and in exchange you are capturing valuable emails for future promotions / upselling.



Be personal in your posts!

  • When you sound like a cheesy infomercial, your fans are going to treat you like one!
  • Use “I” in your ad copy, type post and captions if you are talking to an old friend.
  • Share how you really feel about a blog post or photo you are sharing.
  • Ask questions in your posts. Ignite conversations amongst your fans!
  • Offer fans the opportunity to vote on your next product, etc!

Respond to fans

In the beginning you may only get a couple like and shares, but it is crucial to engage these fans back!

  • Thank them for the comment!
  • Reply with another question for them
  • Make them know there is a human behind the scense of this Facebook page that cares!
  • Keep the engaged people and they will be your viral seeds!


An image hands down will get the most engagement, so make them great!

  • I like to design image a month advance and schedule them to be posted.
  • facebook schedule post
  • Brand your images with a watermark or domain name. Think, when a fan shares your quate, meme, product shot, etc.. It will forever be connected to your company/website because of your image branding!


A very close second, are videos!

  • Facebook is growing WAY faster than YouTube in it’s early days as far as content uploaded.
  • Upload videos directly to your Facebook page. Engagement rte is MUCH higher for uploaded videos than say just posting a YouTube link because the video will auto play as a fan scrolls through their newsfeed.
  • Share:

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