The Best Way To Increase Your Sales For Your Amazon Products

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Do you want a big boost in sales? Do you want more people to see your reviews and for your reviews to stop being removed by guidelines enforced by Amazon?

We want you to look at this great opportunity of Social Reviews and what it can do for you.

Amazon performs account wipes on a consistent & regular basis and as much as we look into it we can not figure out
why, when or who it will happen to. It is a risk we take on both the seller and
reviewer side that is a high risk with low reward.
  1. How many people see these reviews on Amazon (ONLY people shopping on Amazon)
  2. How long does the average reviewer stay with an active, unflagged account? (6 months – 1 year, after that your product review is now gone).
  3. How great of a description can a reviewer really give about your product without fear of Amazon red flagging their account (so you are receiving low quality reviews with no photos)

What if we could show you a way to have alot more benefits and security in your investments.

A great SOCIAL review will provide you a long term solution for all of these problems.

Social Networking is taking off and your products need to be on it. They need to be “Going viral” and the reviewers are the way to make it happen. We all have social networks whether it is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or a Personal blog Or sales website.
  1. Your product can be shared on multiple social networks
  2. These reviews would be quality reviews that incite conversation
  3. These reviews would be seen by 1000s and shared by many expanding your audience.
  4. A direct link to your webstore or product on Amazon can be included in the link expanding your traffic statistics on Amazon.
  5. You can still have SELLER FEEDBACK done on Amazon DOUBLING your benefits!
I hope that alot of the seller’s understand that reviewers love reviewing. We hesitate due to Amazon strict guidelines and it hurts everyone involved in the cooperation. Take the advice and contact us today to discuss what we can do for your business in this new area of advertising.

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